Design Development (Pre-Design)

Automatic Fire Sprinklers, Inc. (AFS) works with the development team during the design development phase to insure the most cost-effective design approach to your specific project.

AFS will assist the architect/builder/owner to draft Alternate Means and Methods mitigation measures when your project does not comply with code requirements (building height, fire department access, construction type variations, water curtains, enhanced fire sprinkler systems, etc.).  AFS separates itself from other consultants by providing alternatives you can afford still providing safe and sound fire protection.  The pace of building today requires experience, connections, knowledge and resources to get it done on time.

Public Works Consulting

We have strong, long-standing relationships with many building and fire departments.  This provides our clients with a unique advantage. We have trained professionals who can set up and attend meetings directly with Authorities Having Jurisdiction to address code and/or other items that may arise, and be the owner’s advocate, especially when the discussion involves cost.

Trade Specific Consulting

AFS, is the leader in advancing the newest technology: Building Information Modeling (BIM).  The future of construction design is BIM.  Very few automatic fire sprinkler design/build contractors have the in-house ability to produce accurate models essential for clash detection with the design team.  BIM is the new CAD; AFS was one of the first companies in the 1980’s to go from hand drawn designs to CAD.  The industry is moving toward fully modeled systems that will be the standard in the near future and used in the field to insure all trade’s systems are installed as designed.  BIM designed systems puts the work on the engineers in order to eliminate mistakes in the field.

AFS has one of the largest fire protection engineering divisions in the industry.  AFS designers are degreed engineers, capable of utilizing all the latest technologies.  AFS designs include state-of-the-art components, many of which are developed with the manufacturers and incorporate AFS requirements, and ultimately afford savings to the project owner.  AFS is well known throughout the industry’s key players; software development Beta Testing and new product development keep our clients’ projects at the leading edge of fire sprinkler technology.